Copyright Grant Montgomery 2013. Not to be republished.Grant Montgomery is co-founder of Family Care, a California-based 501c3 that provides emergency services and sustained development for communities, families and children in 50 countries.

If you ask Grant what has motivated him in his humanitarian endeavors over the years, his answer is “being in touch with my spiritual side,”  adding, “And as far as sustaining me in this role, regularly taking the time to clear my mind of concerns and burdens, and receiving inspiration from on high.”

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Family Care programs include:

  • Family Care AIDS Care Program
  • Family Care Medical Relief
  • Family Care Women’s Empowerment
  • Family Care Orphans and Streetkids
  • Family Care Hunger Relief
  • Family Care Education Program
  • Family Care Computer Literacy
  • Family Care Drug Awareness
  • Family Care Emergency Relief
  • Family Care Facebook and Twitter

  • Family Care on FaceBook
  • International Aid
  • North Korean Refugees
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  • Perspective on wealth and poverty
  • Global spending priorities
  • Our global responsibility
  • Christianity today
  • Money wasted on war
  • The Economic Crisis
  • Credit, the drug of choice
  • The banks that rule the world
  • Fractional reserve banking scam
  • A step closer to One World Government
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